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Balloon Decorations
For Weddings and Receptions

Wedding Reception Decorations Balloons Galore...and More is there to help create the perfect decor to transform your reception site to one that creates the perfect atmosphere to make your wedding day a "magical" one to be remembered for many years to come.

We will be there to help you select decor for the ballroom, doorway, head table, centerpieces, dance floor, cake table, or any other area you would like to emphasize. There are many decorations available to fit every bride's budget and style.

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The Bride & Groom Balloon Bouquet
This charming couple will greet and delight your guests at your wedding. They can be positioned at the entrance or next to any cake or gift table. They each stand approximately 6 feet tall and come complete with a top hat and veil. A Great Touch!

Balloon Arches

Sectional Arches
A definite wedding favorite! What a beautiful way to brighten any setting with its fullness. These beautiful arches are very effective in framing the head table, entry way, stage, or dance floor. Arches are a decorative and creative way to captivate any outdoor event as well. Combine your arch with elegant bouquets and it will surely enhance the beauty of the room.

Single Tier Arch
Ideal arches for a variety of different places. Whether it is positioned behind the head table, highlighting an entrance, stage, or entertainment area, this arch is very simple but gives off that glow of elegance. Multiple arches can be used to create a "tunnel" effect over a stage or dance floor.

Balloon Bouquets

Hot Air Balloon
Our exquisite Hot Air Balloon will surely be the talk of your special event. This huge 40" balloon nests in netting and is delicately decorated with lots of ribbon. Decorated baskets are available to attach the balloon to or you can supply your own basket. This centerpiece is perfect for your guests to deposit cards or for candy for your guests to enjoy. (Smaller 18" Hot Air Balloons are also available.) Very Unique!

Elegant Spiral Bouquet
Spiral Bouquet of six balloons individually attached to mylar weights arranged on a mirror creates a dazzling centerpiece to any elegant table. A wide selection of colors, and styles of balloons are available as well as mylar weights. Just ask us about your favorite colors and styles.

Balloon Bouquets
Are perfect centerpieces for any table. Bouquets are available in 3, 5, 7 or 9 eleven-inch balloons with matching ribbons and Mylar weights. Floor bouquets, placed at the outer perimeters of a location will surely enhance the beauty of the room with that special touch.

Two-In-One Bouquet
What an elegant addition to any table centerpiece. This bouquet will consist of 3 16-inch balloons with a contrasting 11-inch balloon in each balloon with a delicate netting to accent balloons. A wide variety of colors are available to make your selection from.

40" Balloon & Bow
This unique item consists of a jumbo 40" balloon accented with an elegant bow and anchored with a matching Mylar weight. What an attractive addition to enhance the corners of your room, dance floor, and entrance and also serves as a perfect backdrop for pictures and outdoor events.

Spiral Balloon Column
This unique sculpture consists of a seven-to-eight-foot balloon column in a spiral color pattern. Topping the Spiral Balloon Column can be a 36″ Mylar or Latex Heart. What an elegant way to enhance an entrance to the reception hall or even the dance floor.

Shooting Stars
These exquisite structures are a great way to utilize high ceilings in any room as well as draw attention to the main focal point of your wedding reception. Shooting Stars are constructed on half-inch curved conduit to form approximately one-third of an arch with a large star at the end. Carpet-covered 50-pound weights hold the entire structure in place.

Using two Shooting Stars, one on each side of a stage, is a powerful way to draw attention to the head table or dance floor. Three types are available: Standard Shooting Star with a 36 inch Mylar Star, Tapered Shooting Star with 36 inch Mylar Star, and Tapered Shooting Star with Open Star on top. (The open star is made of approximately 100 five-inch balloons.)

wedding heart

"We Sell Smiles!"

Balloons Galore ... And More

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